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Condo Master Policies

Just like condo units bridge the gap between apartments and houses, condo associations bridge the gap between landlords and homeowners’ associations. While responsible for the grounds and common areas, condo associations also allow condo unit owners the freedom of ownership of the interior of their units. This balance of ownership, responsibility, and liability is best reflected in the Condominium Master Insurance Policy (sometimes known as a HOA Master Policy). Today, we’re going to cover the basics of a condo master insurance policy for both the association and its unit owners.

What the Master Insurance Policy Covers

A vital part of the relationship between owners and the association is for both sides to understand where responsibilities – both domestic and legal – stand. For the association, it’s important to make sure that they have full coverage to address any gaps, and for unit owners to know where their own insurance will need to come into play. For a full rundown of what a master policy contains, talk to the Sullivan Insurance Agency’s agents today.

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