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Sullivan Insurance
Client Testimonial

Here is just a sample of what our clients have had to say about our agency:

FIVE STARS:  "I felt have never been treated so well".....Stephen (Haverhill, MA).  I just had to write this review as I have never been treated so well than I have with this agency. I commend your staff (Diane, Mary, Kate, Irene and Patrick! From day one when my oldest son had a problem and needed special coverage (sr22) - your staff did everything my current agent wouldn't! I have NEVER felt so at ease when she told me that your agency could work with my son and I. Your agency has always gone above and beyond - we were treated in a fair, comforting way, and I always get a warm feeling knowing that everything would be taken care of for me and my family if we were in an accident or had a problem. We moved all of our insurance to your agency from a company in Andover that did nothing for us. Matter of fact, they turned their backs on us when I requested an SR 22 for my son. Truth have it, my ex insurance agent from that company has been my next door neighbor for over 25 years! What I received from your agency was a total 180 degrees different from what I received from my old agency So again I appreciate, and commend Sullivan Insurance & Financial for the service that you provide. You have a class operation and the staff shows that everytime I walk into your office or call. It is not often these days that you can find real personal service - but your staff does personal service as second nature. GREAT JOB!! I would recommend this agency to ANYONE!

FIVE STARS:  "I received BETTER coverage & SAVED over $300!"......Kathryn (Bradford, MA):  I was amazed at the difference in cost, even though they more than doubled my protection! I found agency online while searching for a more local agent since I moved and I was impressed by their site. The agent (Kevin) quoted me initially via e-mail (as I didn't want to speak to another insurance person). He answered all my questions via e-mail, so I called the agency to go over my coverage. What a great experience - he went over everything in the detail and told me by putting my auto & home with the same company I could save additional money. He walked me through a 20 point checklist that helped identify coverage and discounts I was missing, and even advised me on some non-insurance ways to help protect myself and our house. I saved over $300 & was even able to add umbrella to add over $1000000 to my protection, all for less than I was paying before. My experience with this agency has proven to me that not all agents are created equal. Kevin and his staff also gave us a free review on our life insurance since it has been a while since we had review and recommended we have a financial review as well. He didn't "sell" us anything, instead he just pointed out what we may want to consider - no pressure and no hassles. I highly highly recomend sullivan insurance & financial and I have already set up my next appointment to go over my life insurance and go over my 401K with their financial planner. I am going to have Kevin write my whole family.

FIVE STAR PLUS:  "What they did for my business was simply amazing!"....Stacey (Lawrence, MA):  I would recommend ANY business or family to have a detailed review with Sullivan Insurance.....they saved my business THOUSANDS of dollars in annual premiums, explained my coverage in a way that I could understand, identified risks that I never knew existed, and found a way to insure my personal assets in a way to provide 5 times the coverage at over $400 LOWER than my old coverage. I was previously insured through a "5 Star Agency" in another city, but after a simple review of my policies, I had anything but 5 star coverage! Sullivan Insurance and Financial pointed out that my workers comprehensive coverage was at the state minimum level and it only cost me $38.00 per year to get $1 million dollars of coverage. I couldn't believe that my 5 star agent never pointed this out. I had always been against life insurance, I never saw the real need, but ever since my review I am now fully protected and able to save a lot of money in a taxed deferred way that will allow my money to grow much quicker. The review also pointed out that I was missing a huge investment opportunity, for both myself and my employees - making it a way to attrack and retain employees and professionals. In the end, I ended up with many times more coverage at LESS MONEY than I was paying with my so called 5 star agency. I don't know what my business would have done if I had had a loss or claim without the more advanced coverage that I have know. The best thing I can say about Sullivan Insurance and Financial is that I sleep very soundly now knowing that my business, family, hard earned assets, and my financial investments have not taken the hit that most have during these economically turbulant times. It does't cost anything to get a second opinion! Find out what you are missing.

FIVE STARS:  "OUTSTANDING agency, simply outstanding!.......Fred (Plaistow, NH):  I have been purchasing insurance all my life, but never have I had such a detailed review to discover coverage and discounts that I may not have known about or may not have coverage for - and the agent didn't tell me what coverage I needed to have, I selected my coverage based on the detail review and issues I am trying to protect against. The agent even met with me on Saturday outside of their normal business hours! Not many agents do that today. They even reviewed some important non insurance issues that I had forgotten to take care of, like updating my will and adding a healthcare proxy. The last issue we reviewed was my financial investments and changes that I need to make since I am getting older and need to better protect myself against changes in the market. In one trip I received the best insurance review I have ever had, updated my financial investment portfolio and even set up life insurance for my grandson. What more can anyone ask from their insurance agent - one stop shopping for everything and a detailed review that showed how all my coverage interacts with each other. What a great experience. I have found the agent I have needed all my life!

FIVE STARS:  "Great Experience and best review!"....Harold (Newburyport, MA):  Great agency & I found out more about my coverage than was ever explained to me before. During the quote process, I found out that my old insurance didn't have the coverage I needed, and I also found out that my term life insurance I had just purchased with another company was not convertable. Sullivan Insurance helped my select the coverage I need to protect my familiy and also helped me transfer my life insurance into a term policy that I could later convert into "perminent coverage" if needed. With 2 kids I don't have time to deal with several different agents or companies - I got all I needed at sullivan insurance and even saved money over my last coverage. I strongly recommend if you are looking for an agent who listens to you and is available when you need them - Sullivan Insurance & Finanical agency is for you! 

FIVE STARS:  Incredible - never knew what I was missing!....Diane (Haverhill, MA):  Awsome! I have never had such a thorough review! They reveiwed my policy quickly and easily - they did everything for me! I ended up saving money even though they increased my coverage!  At least I can sleep at night knowing I have had a review and know what coverage I have - and that I can call the agency day or night with questions.  I would recommend this agency to anyone - a simple review saved me money that I didn't even know what available!


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Great Experience & saved money too! I was surfing the net for info on coverage, and after reading all the reviews I decided to call to see what they could do for me. What great experience and I have never had such a thorough review - their checklist is awsome. They even helped protect my house against law suits, and also helped with a claim I have been dealing with for months with my other agent. As with all the others who rated this agency - I would recommend to anyone, they are that good and take the time to really understand your needs. A++++ in my book.