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RMV not sending Driver License Renewals! SPECIAL NOTICE


UPDATE:  Sullivan Insurance & Financial has set up FREE REMINDER SERVICE to help clients ensure they are not fined or pay increased auto insurance because of expired license, registration or inspection sticker!

In an effort to "save money/reduce costs", the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) announced in July 2009 that RMV will NO LONGER mail license renewal notices to MA Drivers.  Drivers are now responsible to renew their license at a RMV office PRIOR to expiration (we recommend at least 7 days PRIOR to ensure you receive renewed license on time).  The good news is Sullivan Insurance & Financial of Haverhill, Massachusetts has set up a FREE REMINDER Service that will send clients a reminder of their License Expiration, Registration and Vehicle Inspection Sticker via email, text message and voice mail!  Visit our website at to sign up TODAY!  Don't be one of the unlucky ones who is caught with expired license, registration or inspection sticker who has to pay HUGE fees, tickets and increased premium on  your auto insurance! 


MA Driver license expiration date should be your date of birth and it is printed on the front of your license.  We're warning clients to help them avoid HUGE fine and/or arrest, as well as surcharge points (and INCREASED INSURANCE COST) if stopped by police with expired license, registration or inspection sticker!  

In addition to NOT MAILING out Driver License Renewal notices, the RMV will also NOT MAIL the following:  License Reinstatement letters, Registration Reinstatement letters, Vehicle Inspection reminders, 7D License Renewal notices, Driver's Education Certificate, Change of Address Labels & Junior Operator Brochures for parents. 

UPDATE:  Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agent Association has DEFEATED a measure by the Governer's Office trying to eliminate the surcharge appeal board!

The Govener's Office announced earlier this year that in another effort to "save money/reduce costs" the Governor's Office was trying to eliminate the MA Surcharge Appeal Board by shifting that responsibility to insurance companies (one resident commented - "that is like letting the fox guard the hen house".)  Sullivan Insurance thought this effort to eliminate the Appeal Board -  "goes against sound consumer protection", so in conjunction with the Massachusetts Association of Independent Agents and with the help of many concerned citizens, we have DEFEATED this effort to eliminate the Surcharge Appeal Notice!  

Sullivan Insurance would like to THANK all those who helped us DEFEAT the elimination of the MA Surcharge Appeal Notice!  A Job Well Done!

Please pass this information along to your family, friends & neighbors - their agent may not be advising them!

Please visit for up-to-date information

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